BCxA Spotlight: David Guberud – Challenges, Thrills, Advice and Lessons Learned

You can tell just by talking with Dave Guberud that he is technical, smart, playful – and generous with his wisdom. “I’m known to be very approachable,” he says. “One of my core personal credos is that I try hard to share my knowledge for the greater good.” And that’s what he does, every day. […]

BCxA Members: Your 2019 Survey Results

The annual BCxA Member Survey, conducted in September, included responses from 32 states in the U.S., five provinces in Canada, and seven countries, representing members in these categories: Respondents were asked what percent of their business is conducted in each of four categories. Many firms provide multiple Cx services, as the numbers show: New Construction […]

10 Reasons Why We’re a 15-Year BCxA Member

By Jeffrey K. Conner, P.E./ CCP/ BCxP/ LEED AP – Grumman/Butkus Associates  About 15 years ago, I decided that as a “career enhancing next step” getting involved with a professional organization focused on building commissioning would be a great decision. As a corporate officer of a consulting engineering firm, becoming engaged in an outside organization also […]