Get Ahead of Technology Transitions – DOE Commercialization Projects

Building technology research and transitioning to commercial applications is accelerating. Last week, the U.S. DOE announced more than $20.1 million in federal funding for 58 projects, supported by their Office of Technology Transitions Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF). Some of the projects are specific to EERE’s Building Technologies Office and may affect commissioning trends and tools. […]

Persistence of savings: ComEd EBCx, a Wisconsin nonprofit firm that merged Seventhwave and Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation effective January 1, has published, “Persistence of Savings from Retro-Commissioning Measures: A field study of past ComEd retro-commissioning projects.” The study includes primary research (building audits and equipment testing/performance measurement) and literature search results of persistence by measure and by energy savings […]

SMART UTILITIES: COMMONWEALTH EDISON Leading and Driving the Industry with Best Practices

By John D. Villani, PE, CCP, CEM, LEED AP Grumman/Butkus Associates In an era of overstated energy savings and green-washing energy project results, here is one service provider’s retro-commissioning perspective on a true industry leading energy savings program. For the past decade, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) has been driving and pushing the energy efficiency industry to […]