The primary purposes of the BCxA Central Chapter shall be to promote the professional development of its members and encourage and promote the acceptance of building commissioning as a normal activity of the construction process. We strive to educate the design professionals, facility owners, and the construction industry in the practices and benefits of the commissioning process.

To fulfill these purposes, specific objectives shall include:

  1. Facilitate networking and communication among all interested parties on building commissioning activities in the areas served by the chapter.
  2. Provide services by the members and board of directors to encourage, develop, and accelerate the professional knowledge and capabilities of the chapter membership.
  3. Provide services by the members and board of directors to initiate, develop, and accelerate implementation of the commissioning process in the normal construction practices of the region.
  4. Coordinate the efforts occurring nationwide by cooperating and working closely with the Building Commissioning Association as a regional chapter of that organization.
  5. Coordinate with other professional organizations in the region working to encourage the building commissioning process, as defined by the BCxA.
  6. Support other purposes which may be determined by the board of directors or council membership from time to time and that promotes the building commissioning process and the professional development of the chapter membership that is not in conflict with the BCxA mission, charter, or by-laws.

Central Chapter: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin