Building Teams and Team Building

Committees are the backbone of the BCxA. When you join a committee, you open up your potential for outstanding professional growth, unexpected career opportunities, and even lifelong connections. Your voluntary time and knowledge are valuable resources for the future of the building industry.
Committee activities advance advocacy and technical knowledge within the industry, work to develop guidelines and standards, provide education and training, and connect BCxA members to career options and choices.

Want to see if a committee fits you? Get in touch with the Committee Chair of your choice, below.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee (AC) purpose is to scan the horizon for potential industry and policy-related threats and opportunities for commissioning providers, on behalf of our members.  If you are interested in being a voice for the commissioning profession and to ensure that the practice of commissioning is accurately represented at the city, county, state, national and international level this is the committee to join.  Members will be responsible for reviewing potential new or updated buildings codes, standards and legislative policy.  The committee will report to the Executive Director and the International Board of Directors.

Committee Chair TBD
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Best Practices Committee (BPC)

Looking for a way to send your technical expertise to market? This universally-respected committee develops, examines and introduces industry best practice documents, templates, checklists and quality work samples. Its members conduct peer reviews of technical articles and other documents. These industry leaders work in a collaborative and advisory capacity on codes, standards, protocols and methods on behalf of commissioning professionals everywhere.

Committee Chair Karl Stum
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Conference Planning Committee (CPC)

Event planning is fun! This committee creates the themes, then works with the Executive Director to select and review topics, presentations and speakers for the longest-running annual commissioning conference. With a focus on critical industry issues and the future of building performance, this is a committee full of creativity and drive to bring up-to-the-minute knowledge to cohorts across the industry. We’re looking for individuals who have ideas and know how to present information in audience-engaging session formats.

Committee Co-Chair Lyn Gomes
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Education and Training Committee (ETC)

There’s always more to teach and more to learn! BCxA’s ETC Committee establishes, maintains and updates the Association’s training programs, ranging from the BCxA University [link] certificate curriculum to webinars, technical presentations and on-site multi-day training in new and existing building commissioning. As a committee member, you’re invited to think in and outside the box about learning and teaching content to help providers and newcomers make the most of their career path.

Committee Chair Craig Hawkins and Tracey Jumper 
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Marketing and Outreach Committee (MOC)

There are lots of ways to be involved in the MOC, and the BCxA needs you to help spread our words – your experience and industry knowledge will further our mission and contribute to growing our market presence and attracting global audiences. This broad-based committee is perfect for people with great ideas who know how to “make it so” within and outside the Association, for marketing BCxA activities, special campaigns, technical and educational materials, and overall messaging. Your valuable skills in writing, using social media, and promotion/public relations are more than welcome to join this committee!

Committee Chair Tom Poeling
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Membership Development Committee (MDC)

Nothing is more important to a professional association than providing value to its members. The MDC strives to communicate and manage the criteria for membership, and institute programs for development and retention of members. This committee keeps a finger on the pulse of our diverse member community, to build products and services that add meaning and purpose to the BCxA members while meeting our mission.

Committee Chair Ryan Lean

Professional Development Committee (PDC)

Whether an advanced provider or a newcomer to commissioning, everyone can use more “how to.” PDC members collaborate to define, review and recommend topics that help providers apply specialized skills, new areas of competence, effective practices, and improve performance. Working with authors and presenters, the PDC helps to shape and schedule technical and market-focused webinars, and other educational offering from BCxA and the BCxA University.

Committee Chair Bruce Pitts
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