Bio Research: IAQ Teamwork

  • David Cohen, PE, CCP – Grumman/Butkus Associates
  • Jeff Smith – HTS Chicago
  • Dan Block, PE, LEED AP – Northwestern University

Learn how a team of experts was able to help Northwestern University’s Simpson Query Biomedical Research Center to reduce the air changes per hour on nine floors of brand new wet laboratories. Given typical university wet laboratories with fume hoods run on average 12 air changes per hour (ACH), reducing that quantity down to 4 represents a very significant opportunity for energy savings, even on systems with heat recovery elements. Also, given the very large amount of outside air utilized to ventilate these science research facilities, new technologies such as those utilized at NU’s SQBRC facility are truly state of the art.

The project team members jointly present lessons learned to date and strategies that can be applied in higher education facilities, research laboratories, and medical research facilities. They also discuss the equipment used to create this system from outside air through the large heat recovery wheels and air handling units, to the terminal air valves in the space and advanced controls coupled with lab air quality sensing system.