Cx for Safety & Security of Buildings

  • Wayne Dunn, PE, PEng, LEED AP – E. W. Dunn Developments, Inc.
  • Scott McChesney, MCSP, CHS III – Spec-X Consulting

Building safety and security issues continue to dominate the national conversation. As threats and mitigating technologies evolve, it is essential that security system commissioning be included in the skill sets of commissioning teams. This session features two different aspects of commissioning for building security. The first presentation explores how the process, from early procurement of security-focused commissioning services to commissioning the OPR, can assist with achieving realistic security system expectations. What are the technical questions to ask: Can systems and signals be modified to suit rapidly advancing technologies? What is an acceptable type and level of signal — how should we solicit or respond to solicitations that ask for it: How do we plan for security, and develop Owners’ Project Requirements that result in accurate design and construction specifications for the safety of building occupants? The second speaker, a physical security expert who brings years of experience both electronic and physical security, encourages providers to grow skills beyond the technical to workflow, policy, and procedure, and the need to empower staff as part of the overall security plan and how it affects system design and commissioning. In addition to reviewing how incomplete commissioning can lead to injury (or even death), implementing crime statistics into design considerations, the speaker takes a look at a tragic event and how commissioning could have saved lives. He directly addresses three of today’s most pressing trends:

• How technology should be used as part of an overall security plan and not the final solution.
• How to help clients not have a false sense of security that is found in a single solution.
• How to proactively address dangerous scope gaps created by a lack of standards.