Don’t Let This Happen to Your Building

  • Jay Cmiel – Marriott International
  • Sanjiv “Sunny” Devnani, PE – kW Engineering
  • Sarah Boll – Utah DFCM

In the not too distant past, new building commissioning concentrated at individual equipment, with less focus on the systems as a whole (i.e. whole building commissioning – remember last year’s conference?). Existing Building and Retro-commissioning look at building performance in order to understand how to make the building operate well and save energy in the future.

In the present, design engineers are trying to use advanced control sequences, but are still looking at the individual equipment. Facilities engineers, pressed to their breaking point, are applying overrides – sometimes reactive, other times proactive – to achieve thermal comfort for the building occupants. The result of these overrides can help or hurt the operation.

Commissioning providers can work together with design and facilities engineers to prevent and solve system-wide problems in central plants. Doing so will lead to happier occupants, less work for the facilities engineer, less wear and tear on equipment, and in some cases even generate enough savings to pay for a new control system! Come to this presentation to find out why, when it comes to central plants, commissioning providers must think in terms of systems. Also learn about how overrides can be a double-edged sword by either removing an unnecessary, energy intensive operating condition or sending the central plant into a death spiral.

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