Using Analytics for Successful MBCx

  • Hannah Kramer, PE – LBNL – Smart Energy Analytics Campaign
  • Kathleen Rossman and Tom Moore – University of Iowa
  • Rahul Chatterjea – ComEd
  • Walid Guerfali – Nexant

As digital controls and smart meters become commonplace in commercial buildings, facilities teams have access to an overwhelming amount of data. This data does not typically lead to insights and corrective actions unless it is analyzed and prioritized in automated ways. Analytic software has seen increased adoption in MBCx processes to implement persistent, continuous improvement, and a resource for improved energy management.

In 2016, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab launched a research and industry partnership program to support the use of analytics and diagnostics technologies and MBCx practices. This program provides technical assistance and recognition to owners to help increase adoption. LBNL will provide an overview of energy management and information system (EMIS) technologies and share research results. The speakers summarize attributes, common barriers, costs, and benefits of successful implementation. Representatives from the University of Iowa present a case study of their fault detection and diagnostic (FDD) software process implementation and integration with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). The presentation includes a typical fault response workflow and how to leverage FDD for improved maintenance performance tracking. Speakers representing a new Energy Efficiency Program within Commonwealth Edison’s (ComEd) portfolio, managed by Nexant, discuss challenges, success and lessons learned as this MBCx program continues. The program includes both financial and performance-based incentives to install MBCx software and track/verify energy savings over a 12+ month period. Due to the program’s success, ComEd is considering ongoing engagement with customers beyond the required duration of MBCx projects to ensure the persistence of savings from the implemented energy conservation measures.