Empowering Operations

  • Saverio Grosso, CEM, CEA, EBCP – Edison Energy
  • Jay Tulley, PE – US Army Garrison, Presidio of Monterey
  • Brian Clark PE, CEM, CPMP – US Army Corps of Engineers

At the core of every successful Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) project is the ability to collaborate with the building’s operating staff in order to both identify and implement energy conservation measures. It has been proven that further advancements can be made in maintaining energy efficiency and savings if the operations team is involved in the testing of the systems and training is provided. Working with the operations team and sharing testing strategies and calculation methodologies helps engage the operator in the process and provides the building staff with the added benefit of engineering training.

This session provides guidance for how best to work with the operations team as part of the EBCx process and develop training material to be used for ongoing commissioning (OCx). Through a series of case studies, the presenters describe how their Presidio energy program benefited from EBCx training and processes. Specifically, they show how the in-depth analysis of buildings resulted in huge energy savings. Some of these savings were focused solely on “behind the scenes” technology, but most required overlapping technological solutions with an understanding of human behavior and the culture of the site.