Integrating New & Legacy Systems

  • Candice Rogers, MBA, CCP, CxA, LEED AP BD+C – Paladin, Inc.
  • Kesley Leslie, PE, CxA, Niagara IV – Paladin, Inc.
  • Jeremy Bartlett – RMF Engineering, Inc.
  • Meghan Reisterer – Oberlin College

As budgets shrink and demands grow, artfully integrated systems can generate efficiencies and improved performance on the thermostat and the balance sheet. As organizations race to embrace “smart” buildings, they are discovering that merely adding sensors, hardware and software are not enough to deliver on a building’s intelligent potential.

In this interactive first session, join the speakers as they leave the Fragmented Forest, battling through the five lands of enterprise BAS on our way to Efficiency Island. The presentation covers the challenges of leveraging and integrating emerging technologies to help owners access the untapped potential in their buildings while navigating dangerous pitfalls of automation including equipment incompatibility and unsecured IP networks.

The second presentation is a case study of the first campus recommissioning (EBCx) project at Oberlin College, Ohio. The project included a nearly 2 year-long investigation, implementation, and remediation process resulting in successful project execution and close-out. Holistic views of building and district utility-level energy conservation measures were key to meeting campus energy goals. Coordinating discussions between staff for buildings and district energy systems, while conducting recommissioning work with a concurrent carbon neutrality project, ensured campus-wide energy savings goal was achieved. Attendees will gain insights into driving buildings from smart to brilliant.