Pre-Conference Workshops

July 27, 2020

EBCx Tips and Tricks; Lessons from a Career in the Field

David Sellers – Senior Engineer
Facility Dynamics Engineering

This workshop will use interactive exercises and 3D SketchUp models to provide practical lessons and techniques that can be used to evaluate existing building systems. The physical principles behind them are universally applicable across the entire building commissioning spectrum.

We will explore techniques to assess air side economizer performance during design, construction and ongoing commissioning phases of a building’s life cycle. Leverage the Economizer Evaluation Checklist published in the Functional Testing Guide for identifying opportunities to apply to the economizer in an air handling system in a 3D Sketchup model. We will discuss results of the assessment and look at what the improvements, if implemented, would look like.

You will discover how to calculate energy savings to be achieved by restoring automatic control to an evaporator pump in a central chilled water plant that had been placed in the “hand” position (i.e., the pump ran 24/7, needed or not). We will look at savings to be achieved by implementing a scheduling improvement. While the potential power savings associated with placing the switch back in “auto” is the same, the energy savings varies significantly with the local climate. And the dollar savings associated with this simple improvement will also vary radically due to the climate and the rate structure. This module will allow the attendees to interactively explore all the options.

As we work through the modules, depending on time available we will also explore how to apply commissioning strategies to optimize and evaluate evaporator pump efficiencies and pump optimization strategies.