Preconference Workshops

September 25-27, 2019 | Schaumburg, IL

Full-Day Workshop:

Control System Fundamentals and Systems Logic Modification

Wednesday September 25, 2019 | 9am-5pm
Mr. David Sellers, Senior Engineer, Facility Dynamics Engineering

This workshop includes basic control theory and its practical application by leveraging the instructor’s logic diagram tool and SketchUp models to understand the basic building blocks of a control system, and the design elements and tools that can be used to deliver one.

After starting with control system fundamentals, you will work with a SketchUp model to trace out a simple relay logic type control system that controls the make up to a cooling tower. The result will be a ladder diagram, which physically represents the system but also conveys its logic in a manner that many modern day DDC systems use in their programming tools.

After developing the ladder diagram, we will discuss how it works. We will then talk about resource savings benefits associated with the “bells and whistles” of the system, which will reveal the cost benefit relationship compared to a conventional float valve. Having developed an understanding of physical logic, you will develop a logic diagram for the level control system which will transition the focus of the class to current technology DDC systems.

You will work with a different SketchUp model to make a point list, logic diagram, and narrative sequence for a basic function control of the heat exchanger. You will learn how the point list can be used to build the control system budget based on historic cost information. You will explore adding a reset strategy to the basic heat exchanger control logic to solve a comfort problem and save energy, and then walk through the energy savings calculation technique you would use to figure out the savings.

Time permitting, the workshop can move on to developing more logic such as the scheduling logic for hot water pumps or other systems in the building.

Attendees should plan to bring a laptop to this training, and have SketchUp loaded on their laptops before the workshop begins. More information will be provided to workshop attendees.

Half-Day Workshop:

The Alpha and Omega of Commissioning Lighting Control Systems

Wednesday September 25, 2019 | 1pm-5pm
Lyn Gomes, PE, CCP, LC, LEED AP, CLCATT – Senior Commissioning/MEP Coordinator, DPR Construction

Lighting uses about 30-40% of a building’s energy use. Lighting control systems can save energy, but only if they’re working properly.

In this workshop, Lyn Gomes, our very own lighting control systems expert, will teach you to commission the most common components and control sequences of these systems. She will also cover commissioning for integration of lighting control systems with other control systems.

After going over the basics of how they operate, she’ll cover them throughout the commissioning process – from the OPR to post-occupancy, and functional testing, of course.

Lyn is known for her practical approach to presentations, so you’ll leave the class with concrete takeaways that you can apply to your current and future projects.