Say Anything, Write Anything, Do It All?

  • Austin Azzaretto, PE, LEED AP – AKF Group LLC
  • Jessica Corriere, PE – AKF Group LLC
  • Tony DiLeonardo, CxA, LEED AP – Wick Fisher White
  • Tracey Jumper, CCP – Jump-Start Building Commissioning, LLC

Still faced with commissioning considered a premium service? In a rut with how to communicate what commissioning is or what the service provides? Do you do it all? Provide it all? And – what does that mean to a provider and your potential owner clients? As an introduction and session warm-up, the speakers discuss effective communications in “selling” commissioning to building owners. The questions haven’t changed in 20 years, but the answers and marketing solutions have evolved! DiLeonardo and Jumper share ideas and get the audience to share the best ways to promote commissioning and get more commissioning opportunities.

Interpreting the commissioning scope of work between the owner and the project team is a familiar challenge. Azzaretto and Corriere then take charge with how to manage expectations and communicate effectively in the many scenarios CxPs face, and the many hats they wear. This session shows how you can strategically communicate to ensure clear task allocation, owner expectations, and contractor coordination. Learn how to put those commissioning documents to work illustrating the scope, goals, and findings to benefit the team. The speakers show firsthand examples of Cx communications that make a clear difference for scoping and successfully completing commissioning tasks with the team.