Scoping & Investigating Existing Buildings

  • Robert Austin – Dewberry
  • Kenny Reed, PE, CEM, CxAP – Specialized Engineering Solutions

During the Initial Assessment and Investigation Phase of Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx), a Commissioning Provider (CxP) works with an owner to develop the goals of the project. Once the CxP understands the project goals, the next step is to develop current facility requirements and create a commissioning plan. It’s important to discuss the ways this plan and project development plays out between initial meetings, scoping, developing contracts, and in performing initial assessments.

During the Investigation Phase, a CxP takes a deeper dive into determining whether or not the Current Facility Requirements (CFR) are being met. This is a multi-faceted, iterative approach that requires actual measurements, testing, observations, and desktop analyses. There are document reviews, field inspections, data gathering, and performance testing. This work helps to accurately assess system performance and provides conclusive information to isolate issues and identify improvement opportunities. The presenters demonstrate how these planning, initial assessment, and investigation tasks allow providers to present the owner with a list of viable Facility Improvement Measures.