The Value of BECx for Performance & Risk Avoidance

  • Fiona Aldous – Wiss Janney Elstner Associates
  • Simon Pallin PhD, CEM – Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Caroline Hazard – CSRA, Inc.

Lack of performance in buildings often results not from the performance of the HVAC system, but from enclosure-related failures. Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) adds value, saves energy and mitigates long-term performance issues. This session is a combination of tried-and-true basics and cutting-edge developments in building enclosure metrics. Fiona Aldous, a giant in the BECx community and past pre-conference BECx workshop instructor, describes failure detection methods for enclosures, how BECx can mitigate them, and how to repair them. Simon Pallin and Caroline Hazard from Oak Ridge National Lab then share technical resources for implementation of enclosure systems and technologies and discuss their development of a new building enclosure performance (BEP) metric. Participants should be ready to provide their input on the value of the new metric and their ideas for addressing market challenges in conducting BECx.