• Welcome: The State of the Industry
  • John Villani, BCxA President, PE, CCP – Grumman/Butkus Associates

  • Keynote Address: What Does It Mean to Have a Resilient Intrastructure?
  • Major General Michael J. Walsh (Ret.), Executive Vice President National Programs – Dewberry

Major General Walsh brings a vision for the future of innovation and resilience across our buildings, water, energy, and transportation infrastructure, based on his deep experience managing national disaster planning, preparation and response. He asks us to envision what the future will look like – think driverless cars, travel to Mars – and, in that context, what may be the potential impact on each of us in the face of events at or beyond the scale of Hurricane Sandy, the Mississippi Flooding, or the Pentagon attack on 9/11? What does “resilience” mean in the future context of building performance and security, and how should the definition be expanded to meet unexpected future conditions? And how can building owners prepare for such events? MG Walsh leads us all into the conference with a challenge for developing a shared vision of risk, vulnerability and a long-term perspective on standards for a safer and more resilient infrastructure.

  • Smart Energy Analytics Campaign Recognition
  • Amy Jiron, Acting Commercial Buildings Integration Program Manager – US Dept. of Energy Building Technologies Office
  • Hannah Kramer, PE – LBNL Affiliate – Building Technologies and Urban Systems

  • Presentation of The Benner Award
  • Liz Fischer, Executive Director – BCxA