2022 Building Commissioning Excellence Award Recipients


New Construction


General Motors Factory Zero

Project Owner – General Motors 
Commissioning Provider – Horizon Engineering Associations, LLP 

The General Motors Factory Zero EV313 Improvements project included but were not limited to reviewing of design documents, shop drawings, trend review, O&M review, create a site system manual, commissioning of the Primary Switch House, Reactor Yard, Video Surveillance System, Fire Alarm System, Two Chilled Water Plants, Twenty-eight ASH Units and Interlocked Exhaust Fans, Load Shed Programming, Review Temperature Control in a Battery Storage for new EV, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Building Pressure Control. 

Port of Seattle 

Project Owner – Port of Seattle 
Commissioning Provider – Glumac

The North Satellite Modernization (NSAT) of Sea-Tac International Airport in greater Seattle renovated and expanded the existing 50-year-old, 95,000 sf footprint of the north section of the airport. It increased the number of aircraft gates from 12 to 20 and extended the building 395,000 sf. The space houses the Terminal Concourse, airline operations, dining/retail, mechanical/electrical rooms, an upper-level mezzanine, and a new Alaska Airlines Lounge. The team extensively refurbished the baggage handling system, elevators, and stairs, in addition to significantly upgrading seismic, mechanical, electrical, and communication elements.  The project team comprised expert individuals around the world, who collaborated to deliver this world-class facility. Early involvement with all the stakeholders created the perfect environment for the ultimate OPR, outlining the needs of the multiple stakeholders, and was used as a key document in guiding the commissioning process. Glumac focused on the end users with attention towards accessibility and maintainability; controls integration into existing Port of Seattle BMS systems; and efficiencies with exporting commissioning documentation for use by facility O&M staffs work order software. Inclusion of Port’s facility staff in meetings allowed timely resolution of construction issues and built a strong relationship early on that provided confidence in Glumac’s advocacy for the Port’s engineering and maintenance staff. Going beyond the typical MEP Glumac also commissioning 

  • Positive pressure ventilation (preventing infiltration of jet fuel fumes) 
  • Steam to hot water exchange (tie into central steam plant) 
  • Chilled water circulation (tie into central chilled water system 
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning  
  • Rain water harvesting 
  • Security, including biometric screening 
  • Electrical ground support equipment (EGSE, charging stations for airfield support vehicles) 
  • High speed roll-up doors 
  • Emergency power and backup generator 
  • Emergency egress lighting  
  • Lighting controls 
  • Façade (water penetration testing) 
  • Building leakage testing 
  • Power monitoring and data gathering 

Kaiser Hesperia Medical Office Building 

Project Owner – Kaiser Permanente  
Commissioning Provider – Altura 

Altura provided Connected Commissioning services, BAS design and optimization, and enhanced controls coordination services for the KP’s MOB at Hesperia. Altura delivered an integrated controls and Cx process, going beyond the typical commissioning approach. The goal of our integrated approach is to optimize project performance by evaluating field level controls and unlocking Kaiser from traditional controls vendor networks, resulting in lower first costs and lower on-going maintenance costs while delivering a high-performance facility with reduced risk. As such, in addition to core commissioning tasks, Altura delivered the design documentation for the BMS, supported bidding of the field level controls network with local providers, developed and deployed Kaiser-standard optimization programming and graphics, and documented standards to support  future MOB development. The analytics-driven commissioning approach was leveraged by Altura throughout the warranty period to ensure all potential issues were identified and resolved under warranty and ensured the building was tuned to operate at peak efficiency. Asset data commissioning was also included to ensure effective handover of asset data from design and construction to the maintenance management system for the building 

Existing Building Commissioning


Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Wilkes Regional Medical Center 

Project Owner – Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Wilkes Medical Center 
Commissioning Provider – Commissioning WorCx 

We were to provide an existing building commissioning analysis and investigation initially as described in the attached existing building commissioning plan (called Existing bldg. cx plan Wilkes Regional.doc), and as laid out in the BCA best practices manual.  After doing the initial analysis we worked with the in-house staff,who had some programming capability and were very strong mechanically, to correct numerous mechanical issues (such as clogged airflow monitoring stations) and in the first year after the work we were able to reduce the overall electrical consumption by approximately $95,000 (see attached electrical consumption table and chart)for a payback of less than 2 months.  This is the project that we are submitting for this award.  At the success of the initial project, they authorized us to do further implementation for a second project that included implementation of further energy conservation measures and for which we are slated to save an addition $105,000 and get a $105,000 incentive from Duke Energy.