Annual Conference

Oct 2-4, 2024 | JW Marriott, Las Vegas

Identifying and Developing EBCx and OCx Opportunities, or How to Become a Silver Bullet

October 2, 2024 - 9:00 - 4:30

David Sellers, PE
Facility Dynamics Engineering

When discussing resource efficiency and climate change, 

We are running out of silver bullets. – Jay Santos

Most of the hurdles — silver bullets — have already been implemented in terms of improving the efficiency of building systems; motors, lighting, boilers, and refrigeration cycles are not going to become much more efficient than they are currently.  If we’re going to meet the challenges of climate change, electrification, and the transition to renewables, it’s going to come down to how well we operate and adapt our facilities to their ever-changing operating requirements.  That means this is an exciting time to be involved with commissioning, in particular existing building commissioning and ongoing operations.  The folks that are involved in these fields of endeavor are the silver bullets.

Becoming a silver bullet means learning how to identify an opportunity based on the field clues and understanding how to develop observations into persistent solutions. This workshop will focus on techniques to illustrate the process in a broader sense for you to apply them to your projects.

The class format will be interactive, using 3DSketchUp models and 3D imagery from actual mechanical spaces to create a virtual field environment that allows the lessons to be taught from a field perspective. 

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