October 15-17, 2018 | Nashville, TN

Call For Presenters – Due March 7, 2018

The Annual BCxA Conference is designed for a broad audience of new entrants, seasoned commissioning professionals, and stakeholders associated with the commissioning process in the built environment. Download the Call For Presenters form today and get started.

The Experience

This is more than a conference. It is an intense 3-day experience where all stakeholders in the built environment – CxPs, owners, design and construction professionals, and other contributors – gather to learn from each other, gain insight into the future of building technology and essential tools to make buildings more successful.

If you have a passion for teaching and improving the practice of commissioning buildings for top performance then we want to hear from you!

Put Your Best Ideas Forward!

You are limited to submitting a maximum of two proposals. This year we are looking for presentations primarily on the topics listed below. The Conference Committee, however, is always interested in new topics that stretch learners’ boundaries. We are looking for presenters who have:

  • Relevant content for an experienced audience that will stretch current thinking and offer new approaches
  • Content that is engaging in way that draws on the experience of the attendees
  • Application exercises that involve audience participants
  • Examples and case studies of real success (and lessons learned from failures)
  • Practical tools that can be applied immediately in attendees’ organizations

Topic Ideas for 2018

We are especially interested in presentations that have these features:

  • Owners or owner representatives as presenters or co-presenters on a panel
  • Case study project information that includes goals, features, issues, outcomes, costs, energy savings, other benefits and lessons learned
  • High-impact, interactive or other innovative presentation approaches

Trends in Higher Education

  • Campus System Efficiencies – water, energy, etc.
  • Integrating Legacy and New Systems
  • Achieving/Maintaining Multi-Campus Consistency (Design, Construction, Operations)
  • Specific Facility Type/User Focus
  • Higher Ed Owner’s Cx Model

Commissioning Management Practices

  • Construction & Cooperation
  • Market Opportunities
  • Next-Gen Challenge: Cx Training/Education
  • Non-Technical (“Soft”) Skills
  • Contracts – Frameworks for Collaboration & Risk Management

Advanced Tech Issues – Building Performance

  • Cx Integration with Whole Building Design, Construction, Operation
  • Security, Cybersecurity, Resiliency, Safety
  • Data Analytics – Insight, Action and Results
  • Digital Asset Management/Performance-Based Approach
  • Sub-Metering Protocols/Requirements
  • Modeling, Monitoring and Measurement
  • Benchmarking and Reporting
  • Connection via the “Internet of Things” (IOT)

Building Innovation –Issues & Impacts

  • Modular/Offsite Construction
  • 3-D Printing
  • Microgrid and Multi-Facility Generation Systems
  • Zero-Net Energy

Commissioning Technology Applications

  • Cx Digital Tools – e.g., Virtual Visioning, Design, Measurement, Energy Modeling, Reporting, Analysis
  • Cx Field Tools – e.g., Wearable Diagnostics, Cloud-Based Data Recording, Issues Logs, Checklists and Tests
  • Cx Procedural & Assembly Accuracy Tools – e.g., Barcoding (documentation & verification for installation tracking), EMIS Systems + Dashboards, and other Monitoring-Based Performance Verification

Commissioning Quantification/Case Studies

  • NCCx Modeled & Verified Energy/Cost Savings
  • EBCx Modeled & Verified Energy/Cost Savings
  • OCx Modeled & Verified Energy/Cost Savings
  • Commissioning Project Costs and Calculations

Submission and Selection Process

The deadline for submitting proposals is Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 5:00 pm (PST). All proposals must be submitted using the Conference Abstract Form. Download the form, enter all your information and save it in a word document with the following naming convention: Last_First_2018.docx. Send all proposals to Sheri Adams. Upon submitting a proposal, you will receive a confirmation for your records. Please contact Sheri Adams if you don’t receive the confirmation email. Each proposal will be reviewed by a team of volunteer commissioning professionals and BCxA staff. You will be notified by April 6, 2018 of the status of your submission.

Presentations will be reviewed for relevance and purpose to provide a balanced educational program. Proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Engaging program format that involves the audience and stimulates discussion.
  • Conceptually strong foundation, well-written, with clearly stated outcomes
  • Qualified presenters with expertise/experience in the subject matter.
  • Does the topic synthesize multiple disciplines to provide a unique viewpoint?
  • Has the speaker provided direction on the level of education (Introductory-Beginner, Applied-Intermediate, and Strategic-Advanced)?
  • Has the speaker received positive references?

Speaker Expectations

The following are expected for all accepted speakers:

  • In fairness to all who submit proposals and to maximize the opportunities for all speakers, BCxA tries to limit speakers to only one session each. If you are part of more than one accepted session, we will likely choose just one in which you may participate.
  • Speakers receive a discounted conference registration rate of $350 and are responsible for their own travel and expenses.
  • Speakers must meet all posted dates and deadlines for presentation materials, registering at the discounted speaker rate, submitting handout materials on time, etc.
  • If you’re putting a panel together, include panelists with diverse backgrounds and experiences to make it a lively discussion. (A homogeneous panel is boring!)