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BCxA Eastern Canada Chapter – Quality Talk “QT” !!!

What is BCxA Eastern Canada Chapter Quality Talk?

The QT is an informal get together of industry professionals to meet and partake in a brief presentation related to our common interests – the Quality Talk. This free presentation allows you to meet up with colleagues, competitors, clients and building industry experts to discuss issues related to building commissioning. You would be correct in assuming the BCxA ECC is in the business of promoting the building commissioning industry. Our focus more specifically includes defining and identifying Best Practices and generally upholding industry standards for building commissioning. We support education and training so our workforce can be recognized for delivering high quality services. Our events are meant to engage other industry stakeholders and facilitate discussions dealing with the challenges that are common to many of us from building owners and managers to architects, engineers, contractors and facility operators. That is what the Quality Talk is all about – encouraging the transfer of information for the benefit of all building industry stakeholders.

Look forward to see you all.

Please see resources page for past QT materials.