BCxA Scholarship Foundation

The BCxA Scholarship Foundation (Foundation) was created in 2013 to award scholarships to individuals who are pursuing, or plan to pursue, building commissioning as a career. The Foundation represents an educational step toward workforce development in a field that is dedicated to making commercial and institutional buildings perform as intended.

The Foundation generates funds through charitable donations and from fees collected at the Foundation’s Annual Golf Tournament, which is held in conjunction with the annual Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) Conference. In the future, we plan to conduct campaigns for charitable giving in additional ways, including a silent auction held at the BCxA Conference during the Annual Dinner and Meeting.

Foundation Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to encourage and motivate qualified students, continuing education candidates and industry newcomers to pursue study in fields of building science including engineering, architecture, building construction, building performance, and other fields related to building commissioning.

Give to the BCxA Scholarship Foundation and support the next generation of building commissioning.

Summer Fun Activities Scholarship Drive

This year we can’t host our Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for the BCxA Scholarship Foundation, so we’re hosting our first-ever Summer Fun Activities Scholarship Drive!

Now that the weather is getting nicer, we hope you’ll want to share this summer’s favorite activities with us – safely –for us to put together a photo album to share with the membership. Since can’t reconnect at the Annual Conference or Golf Tournament, we want to offer another alternative to see what everyone is up to this summer and raise funds for the BCxA Scholarship Foundation.

How it works

All you need to do is have fun, take a creative photo (or more), and submit along with a tax-deductible donation of any amount to the Foundation. We will be sharing them on the website so you can see what everyone is up to this summer. You can send as many photos as you like if you make a donation – 100% goes to the Foundation Scholarship Fund to build the next generation! Here’s how:

1. Send photos electronically to info@bcxa.org
2. Pay your entry fee


Please join us in supporting the Foundation’s drive to support the next generation of CxPs.

P.S. We can’t wait – This could be the debut of the BCxA Annual Summer Fun Photo Album!


Scholarships are intended to support secondary education tuition for current students or professional development courses for employees currently working for a firm in the business of commissioning. The Foundation is seeking applicants who fit this description, and show promise in contributing to the commissioning profession in the future. The scholarship is geared towards applicants involved in the engineered portion of the built environment, as opposed to manufactured equipment.

The Foundation scholarship application may be completed by both student and employee applicants.

Eligibility Requirements and Terms

Student candidates for the scholarship must:

  • be currently enrolled in engineering, architectural, or construction-related curriculum
  • have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale;
  • be of Junior or Senior academic standing.

Professional candidates for the scholarship must:

  • be currently employed with a firm in the business of commissioning, or
  • have been an employee of a firm in the business of commissioning within the last six months and currently looking for work.
Complete the full scholarship application and send it to Liz Fischer at Lfischer@bcxa.org .

For questions and comments please contact The Foundation at:

1600 NE Compton Drive, Suite 200
Hillsboro, OR 97006
877.666.BCXA (2292)

Download the BCxA Scholarship Application today!


Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation Board is a seven (7)-member Board of active BCxA members appointed by the BCxA Board of Directors. The Foundation Board selects its officers, manages its governance documents, and evaluates and selects qualified scholarship recipients.

The 2020 Foundation Board members are:

Dave Conner
Holder Construction
John Villani, PE, CCP
Grumman Butkus
Bruce Pitts
Retired BCxA President
Edward Faircloth
Retired BCxA President
Craig Hawkins, CCP
Mark Miller, PE, CCP
Collier International