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Every month we present BCxA “TechTalks” just for members, as a free benefit. These informal but detailed 30-45 minute presentations offer you a chance to hear your colleagues’ expertise, insight and experience with specific how-to commissioning issues, problems and solutions that you can adopt for staff training and use in the field. Join us for TechTalks every third Monday of the month at 11 AM PST. And, if you can’t make it to TechTalks, they’ll be recorded just like our Spring and Fall webinars for on-demand access.

Upcoming TechTalks:

  • January 21 – Life Safety, Life Maybe

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TechTalks 14 – Life Safety, Life Maybe

TechTalks 13 – Commissioning Boiler Systems

TechTalks 12 – Commissioning Fire Suppression Systems on Horizontal Structures

TechTalks 11 – Pressure Independent Valves

TechTalks 10 – Building Pressurization Sequence of Operations

TechTalks 9 – Trouble with Chiller Start-Ups: Tales from the Field

TechTalks 8 – Inspecting and Commissioning Commercial-Scale Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

TechTalks 7 – Parkade Exhaust Systems. CO_NO2 – The Silent Killers

TechTalks 6 – Airflow Reduction in a large Medical Research Building

TechTalks 5 – Honeywell JADE Economizer Controller

TechTalks 4 – Life Safety Dampers – Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things.

TechTalks 3 – Unique Challenges To Commissioning K-12 Schools

TechTalks 2 – TAB and Cx Coordination

TechTalks 1 – Airflow Monitoring Stations (AFMS)