Value of Cx Project

VALUE implies measuring both quantification and the importance of quality commissioning for stakeholders in ensuring better-performing buildings. The links below include results of the BCxA and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory collaboration to update the 2009 study by Dr. Evan Mills, et al, in 2009, along with other recent documents and presentations representing research and valuation of commissioning in the commercial building market.

BCxA/LBNL Study Industry Papers

BCxA Value of Commissioning Market Survey Report

The purpose of this Market Survey report is to provide feedback on market influences, drivers for procuring commissioning services, incorporation of established Cx practices, as well as the effectiveness/ persistence of Cx as a best practice.   The Market Survey is intended to complement the results of LBNL’s building data survey. View report

LBNL Building Commissioning Cost and Savings Across Two Decades and 1,500 Projects

This study from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs provides cost/benefit analysis, market indicators, and scope of work data on commissioning projects.  This journal article is a follow-up to the 2009 landmark study. View report.

Technical Papers


Natural Resources Canada: Commissioning Industry Surveys

NRCan published the results of two separate commissioning surveys in 2018. View Survey.


Existing Building Commissioning: Exploration of Use and Impacts

Ryan Hallowell, Texas A&M Graduate Student Thesis presentation, 2018. View Report.


Building Commissioning Long-Term Monitoring and Tracking: 2017 Square Footage and Market Penetration Update

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) report, analysis conducted with The Cadmus Group. View Report


Roadmap for Building Commissioning Research: Workshop Summary Report

Summary of the “Building Commissioning Research and Measurement Science Needs Workshop.” published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. View Report


Building Commissioning – A Golden Opportunity for Reducing Energy Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In 2009, Dr. Evan Mills of LBNL published the following study as a followup to the Berkeley Lab 2004 survey. View Study



The Value of Commissioning Study: 2019 ASHRAE Conference

This presentation was given by Tom Poeling, President of Building Commissioning Association, at the ASHRAE 2019 Annual Conference in Kansas City, MO on June 24, 2019. View Presentation.


The Value of Commissioning Study: NCCx Results

Results from study as presented by BCxA’s Tom Poeling. View Presentation.


2018 Commissioning Cost/Benefit Study Findings

BCxA and LBNL partnered to conduct this building data study. View Presentation


The Value of Commissioning: Building Data Surveys

BCxA’s Tom Poeling and LBNL’s Eliot Crowe showcased findings and this presentation at the 2018 BCxA Annual Conference. View Presentation


Existing Building Commissioning: Exploration of Use and Impacts

Ryan Hallowell, Texas A&M Graduate Student Thesis presentation, 2018. View Presentation.




New DOE Research Strengthens Business Case for Building Commissioning

Blog post from thee Better Buildings Initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy. View Blog

Also featured on the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Website. View Blog


2016 Commissioning Giants

In 2016, BCxA delivered the roundup of Commissioning Giants to Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine.  View Article


Building Envelope Campaign (BEC)

The Building Envelope Campaign (BEC) is a program designed to help building owners and managers create more energy efficient buildings through the improvement of building envelope performance (BEP). View Flyer.