BCxA Member Testimonials

Read what some of our members have to say about the BCxA:

“The BCxA is the original association that is completely committed to whole building commissioning. As a young, growing organization, it has a solid foundation of leadership in place that is necessary to drive and grow interest in the field of commissioning, as well as provide a high level of representation to a diverse membership base.”

Craig Hawkins, Sr. Commissioning Engineer, McKinstry


“Having been a BCxA member for more than 11 years now, one of the features I like best about our association is the involvement on the local level that we continue to see in each of our 10 chapters nationwide. And now, with the BCxA moving its focused mission and vision on whole building commissioning into the global space, I think it’s great that BCxA members worldwide will have the ability to meet with local firms, owners, contractors and other industry professionals to discuss commissioning and hold local training events just as we are doing here in the US.”

Carl Lundstrom, P.E., CCP, Eaton Energy Solutions, Inc., Federal Solutions Manager


“A great thing about the BCxA is that its membership base gets involved through volunteerism. These people are leading the built environment and are setting the standards and tone for commissioning. Years ago, organizations such as ASHRAE, NIBBS and the DOE seemed to each be doing different things in a variety of ways. Now, with the BCxA stepping up to the plate as the original commissioning association that has a diverse membership focused on whole building commissioning, we are starting to see a new trend – all of our organizations working together to champion industry standards, policies and building codes.”

Michael Chelednik, AIA, URS Corporation, BCxA Regional Representative


“The BCxA’s best practices, mission statement and vision all line up exactly with the processes I undertake as a commissioning provider.”

Tracey Jumper Nawrocki, Principal, Keystone Commissioning