BCxA Northwest Chapter

Welcome to the BCxA Northwest Chapter of the Building Commissioning Association, serving BCxA members in the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. The BCxA was founded in our region, and we have worked tireless to set the standard of practice for the industry ever since. Our diverse membership base spans engineers, architects, government, private and public institution owners, and commissioning providers. We promote a collaborative, holistic approach to building commissioning conforming to the BCxA Essential Attributes. We embody this as a chapter through our outreach to fellow industry organizations and trade groups, and our support of the National Conference on Building Commissioning (NCBC). Whether you’re looking to learn more about the commissioning practice, searching for a qualified commissioning provider, or wanting to get involved in the industry, you’ve come to the right place! Check out the Resources tab for great information and to see what we’re doing next.


Message from BCxA Northwest Chapter President, Angela Templin

News from New Orleans!!

As the newly elected BCxA Northwest Chapter President, I am just getting back from the BCA Leadership retreat in New Orleans, and there are some great ideas on increasing advocacy and education, and making the already great BCA Conference even better.  Our chapter has had the highest member increase out of any of the other chapters and we are battling it out with the Central Chapter for being the largest chapter.

I am excited to say that we have an energetic Northwest board of directors!

Angela Templin – President (Membership Subcommittee Chair)
Scott Henderson – Treasure
Scott Usselman – Secretary
Treasa Sweek – Vice President (Advocacy Subcommittee Chair)
Caleb Aring- Member at large (Past president) (Educational/Conference Subcommittee Chair)
Myra Ferriols- Member at Large
Janelle Kolisch- Member at Large (Webmaster, Meet Ups Subcommittee Chair)

Because of the lower than desired attendance in recent years at our chapter meetings, we have decided we need to restructure our events.  This year we are going to have shorter, online accessible chapter meetings to get everyone in the chapter up to speed with the BCxA Northwest Chapter activities.  We will encourage each city to try and gather in one location for the meetings if possible.  We are hoping since this is shorter and doesn’t require travel, we will get more participation.    We are also going to schedule regular meet ups in different cities.  We are hoping this increases activities and networking in more of our chapter member locations.

This year we have decided to divide and conquer with subcommittees in order to get everything done and we need your help! Please let me know if you are interested in participating in any of the following subcommittees.  This is a great way to get more involved in the chapter leadership!

Meet ups:
Wouldn’t it be great to meet more of our members in more casual local events for networking and collaboration over coffee or drinks?  We are hoping to setup Meet Ups throughout the years in the different cities covered by our chapter.   We would love involvement from members in Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, and Alaska.

This year, for the first time, we are planning a regional conference.  We are hoping this expense is more justifiable to your employers by making this a full day (or more) of education and networking.  Other chapters are doing this with great success!

We had great success last year on advocating for change in the Washington State Energy Code.  But we need help gaining momentum with the Oregon, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska Energy Code.  We’d love representation from those areas.

Keeping track of members and making them feel welcome is a big task.  This committee will be responsible for greeting new members so they know how get them most value out of being a BCA member.  Let me know if you’d like to help!

We are hoping that more get can done with smaller and focused subcommittees and that by hosting smaller meet ups and a large regional conference we activate our members to get more involved.  Please stay posted in the future for more information about up and coming events.  Looking forward to a great 2019 and getting to know all of you a little bit more!!


Angela Templin, BCxA Northwest Chapter President