1.1.1 Owners Project Requirements Template Outline 1.1.2 OPR Template and Sample 1.10.1 Systems Manual Requirements & Organization 1.10.3 Systems Manual Executive Summary Sheet 1.10.4 Systems Manual Record of Content Submitted 1.10.5 Systems Manual Template Example Univ. Lab 1.11.1 Cx Design Review Template 1.11.3 Sample Cx Design Review 1.11.4 Design Review Cx 1.3.0 RFQ-RFP Forms Descriptions 1.3.1.Pt.A Cx New Construction Request for Quals for Specific Project This form is an RFQ for a specific project, intended to be sent to a list of CxP’s from which a single… 1.3.1.Pt.B Cx New Construction RFP to CxP RFQ Awardee This form is an RFP intended to be sent to a single CxP who has been selected through an RFQ process… 1.3.2.Pt.A Cx New Construction Request for Qualifications for Pool or CxP Shortlist This form is an RFQ for generating a prequalified pool of CxP’s for future projects or to generate a… 1.3.2.Pt.B Cx New Construction RFP to Prequalified Pool or Shortlist of CxPs This form is an RFP for a specific project, intended to be sent to a short list or a pool of prequalified… 1.3.3 Cx New Construction RFP and RFQ This form is an RFP that also includes an RFQ for a specific project, intended to be sent to a list of… 1.4.2 Notice of Intent to Award This document is a sample of a Notice of Intent to Award to the Consulting Firm for commissioning services. 1.4.3 Shortlist Notification to Award This document is a sample of a Shortlist Notification to Award Commissioning Services to a consultant. 1.7.11 General Commissioning Requirements This document was prepared by the Building Commissioning Association Best Practice Committee following… 1.7.12a Equipment Specs This O&M manual checklist and approval process is specified in Section 01810 3.7-F and the Cx Plan 5.13.… 1.8.0 Training Forms List & Instructions This document lists all Training Forms List & Instructions resources created by the Building Commissioning… 1.8.1 Training and Demonstration Specification This document is Section 01820 tTraining and Demonstration Requirements from the commissioning provider… 1.8.2 Overall Training Plan & Record This document is an Overall Training Plan & Record in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.  1.8.3 Generic Equipment Training Agenda & Record This document is a Commissioning Training Agenda & Completion Record created by the Building Commissioning… 1.8.4 Trainee Evaluation of Training The evaluation form provides feedback to the trainers on the content and delivery of the training.  1.8.6 Test & Balance, Training Agenda, & Record 1.8.7 Trainee Evaluation of Training 1.9.1 O&M Manual Requirements The following guide specifications are intended to be reviewed, modified and inserted into the noted… 1.9.1 O&M Manual Specification 1.9.2 O&M Manual Submission & Review Checklist 2.1.1 Const. Phase Cx Planning Meeting Agenda 2.1.2 Kickoff Meeting Agenda 2.10.1 Fire Alarm Construction Checklist 2.11.1 Nurse Call & Paging System Construction Checklist 2.11.2 Security CCTV System Construction Checklist 2.12.1 Laboratory Air Compressor – Drier Construction Checklist 2.12.2 Laboratory Vacuum & Pump System Construction Checklist 2.12.3 Fan Filter Unit Construction Checklist 2.12.4 Lab Fume Hood Construction Checklist 2.2.2 Cx Request for Documentation 2.3.1 Cx Schedule (detailed) 2.3.2 Weekly Test Plan & Record 2.3.3 Cx Progress Summary 2.3.4 Detailed Cx Progress Report–Sample 2.3.5 Cx Progress Status–Detailed 2.3.6 Cx Summary Report–Sample 2.4.1 Submittal Review Template 2.5.1 Cx Issues Log Template 2.5.3 Field Observation Record Form 2.5.4 Startup Witness Record Form 2.5.5 Test Witness Record Form AHU Construction Checklist Ductwork Construction Checklist TAB Plan Review Checklist Fan Powered Variable Air Volume with Electric Reheat Construction Checklist Fan Powered Variable Air Volume with Hot Water Reheat Construction Checklist Variable Air Volume (Cooling Only) Construction Checklist Variable Air Volume with Electric Reheat Construction Checklist Variable Air Volume with Hot Water Reheat Construction Checklist VAV Air Terminal Unit (All Types) Check–Table Boiler Construction Checklist Steam and Condensate Piping Construction Water Cooled Chiller Construction Checklist Air Cooled Chiller Construction Checklist Chilled Water Piping Construction Checklist Condenser Water Piping Checklist Cooling Tower Construction Checklist Air Separator Construction Checklist Expansion Tank Construction Checklist Chem Free Condenser Water Treat & Conductivity Control Construction Checklist Condenser Water Treatment Circulation Water Filters Construction Checklist BAS Construction Checklist Air Flow Measuring Station Construction Checklist Hydronic Flow Meter Calibration Check Exhaust Fan Construction Checklist Heat Exchanger Construction Checklist Construction Indoor Air Quality Plan Checklist Pump Construction Checklist AC Fan Coil Unit (Hydronic) Checklist 2.7.1 Domestic Water Heater Construction Checklist 2.7.2 Domestic Hot Water Circulation Pumps and Aquastat Controls Construction Checklist 2.7.3 Plumbing Fixture Construction Checklist 2.7.5 Irrigation System Controls Construction Checklist 2.7.6 Solar Water Heater Construction Checklist 2.8.1 Lighting and HVAC Occupancy Sensors 2.8.2 Bldg-Wide Lighting Control Sys. Construction Checklist 2.8.3 Daylight Dimming Construction Checklist 2.9.1 Variable Frequency Drive Construction Checklist 2.9.2 Photovoltaic System Construction Checklist 2018 Commissioning Cost/Benefit Study Findings Airflow Monitoring Stations (AFMS) Tech Talk 01 Airflow Reduction in a large Medical Research Building Tech Talk 06 Airport Baggage Handling Systems TechTalk 34 All About 6 Way Valves Tech Talk 23 As The Page Turns Tech Talk 40 BCxA Apparel BCxA Branded YETI® Rambler® 20 oz Travel Mug with Magslider Lid and Handle Order your own BCxA branded YETI® Rambler® 20 oz Travel Mug with Magslider Lid and handle to for your… BCxA Value of Commissioning Market Survey Report Benefits of Thermal Imaging Tech Talk 25 BUILDING COMMISSIONING A Golden Opportunity for Reducing Energy Costs and Greenhouse-Gas Emissions Building Commissioning Handbook, 3rd Edition The third edition of The Building Commisisoning Handbook is intended to be a practical companion to the… Building Commissioning Long-Term Monitoring and Tracking: 2017 Square Footage and Market Penetration Update Building Commissioning – A Golden Opportunity for Reducing Energy Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Building Enclosure Testing Tech Talk 30 Building Energy Monitoring Associated Data Analytics Tech Talk 22 Building Pressurization Sequence of Operations Tech Talk 10 Commercial Building Decarbonization Researcher | Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Commercial Building Decarbonization Researcher  What You Will Do: Support the development of technical… Commissioning (Cx) Agent | Emanuelson-Podas, Inc. Commissioning (Cx) Agent The Commissioning Agent will leverage their expertise to lead multiple commissioning… Commissioning Boiler Systems Tech Talk 13 Commissioning Cross Flow Heat Exchangers Tech Talk 16 Commissioning Engineer / Project Manager | Systems West Engineers Commissioning Engineer / Project Manager - Oregon Systems West Engineers is looking for a dynamic Commissioning… Commissioning Engineer | Emanuelson-Podas, Inc. Commissioning Engineer - Minneapolis, MN Commissioning Engineer will leverage their expertise to lead… Commissioning Fan Arrays and Direct Drive Fan Applications Tech Talk 20 Commissioning Fire Suppression Systems on Horizontal Structures Tech Talk 12 Commissioning Pressure Critical Rooms Tech Talk 28  Commissioning Project Manager, Systems Performance and Turnover (SPT) | MIT Commissioning Project Manager The MIT Department of Facilities (Dof) seeks a commissioning project manager… Commissioning Stakeholders Guide The Commissioning Stakeholders' Guide provides information, checklists, and sample documentation for… Commissioning Technician | Nexus Solutions Commissioning Technician - Madison, Maple Grove or Milwaukee Reports to: Director of Commissioning  Economic… Commissioning Terminal Units – Stop Testing Them Wrong TechTalk 37 Commissioning VRF Systems Tech Talk 24 Cx Project Manager | OnQGlobal Cx Project Manager - Atlanta, Georgia WE ARE OnQGlobal and we hire GREAT PEOPLE who do GREAT WORK for… Cx Survey Results: Portfolio Owner Practices & Perceptions Data Analytics in Energy Management and HVAC Tech Talk 21 Director of Engineering & Energy Management | Yale University Director of Engineering & Energy Management - New Haven, CT Reporting to the Director of Engineering… Distributed Antenna Systems TechTalk 35 Electrical Commissioning Agent | Bernhard Electrical Commissioning Agent - Remote Bernhard is searching for an Electrical Commissioning Agent… Engaging the Cx Team – Collaborative Methods Tech Talk 15 Engineering Wellness: Pandemic and Beyond TechTalk 33 Existing Building Commissioning Best Practices This document describes and defines “best” practices for conducting Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)… Existing Building Commissioning: Exploration of Use and Impacts Existing Building Commissioning: Exploration of Use and Impacts Experiences with the Commissioning of an AHU/Dx Heat Pump Coil Kit TechTalk 36 Fire Life Safety System Cx: Fire Smoke Dampers, FA Relays and HVAC Tie I TechTalk 32 Functional Testing Chilled Beams and Sails Honeywell JADE Economizer Controller Tech Talk 05 Indoor Environmental Quality for the CxP Tech Talk 17 Indoor Environmental Quality for the CxP Indoor Environmental Quality for the CxP Tech Talk 19 Inspecting and Commissioning Commercial-Scale Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Tech Talk 08 Intermediate Topics in Direct Digital Controls, what every Commissioning Provider should know… Tech Talk 18 Job Task Analysis – Building Commissioning Professional LBNL Building Commissioning Cost and Savings Across Two Decades and 1,500 Projects Life Safety Dampers – Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things Tech Talk 04 Life Safety, Life Maybe Tech Talk 14 Mechanical Engineer | GHT Limited Mechanical Engineer - Arlington, VA GHT Limited—a leading DC metro area MEP engineering consulting firm… Modular Chiller Strategies Tech Talks 44 Monitoring Based Commissioning TechTalk 31 Natural Resources Canada’s 2018 Commissioning Industry Surveys Assessing the Canadian Commissioning Market from the Practitioner and Client Perspectives  New Construction Building Commissioning Best Practices The New Construction Commissioning (NCCx) Best Practice document is intended to cover most building systems… Ongoing Building Commissioning Best Practices The Ongoing Commissioning (OCx) Best Practices document describes how to plan and implement this continous… Ongoing Commissioning Tech Talk 26 Parkade Exhaust Systems. CO_NO2 – The Silent Killers Tech Talk 07 Pressure Independent Valves Tech Talk 11 Qualification and Certification Statement Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) Process Roadmap for Building Commissioning Research: Workshop Summary Report Scope EBCx Using Whole Building Interval Data Tech Talk 27 Senior Building Performance Engineer | Red Car Analytics Senior Building Performance Engineer - California Position Overview Are you passionate about the built… Senior Commissioning Engineer | McKinstry Senior Commissioning Engineer - Utah and Arizona Build the future, spark innovation and align your career… Senior Commissioning Specialist | Ameresco, Inc. Senior Commissioning Specialist - Portland, OR Ameresco is currently seeking a skilled Senior Commissioning… Smart Buildings and the importance of Division 25 and commissioning Tech Talk 38 So, you were asked for Envelope BECx in a line item. Now what? Tech Talk 43 Synthesis of Year One Outcomes in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign TAB and Cx Coordination Tech Talk 02 Testing HVAC Safeties TechTalk 39 The Value of Commissioning Study: 2019 ASHRAE Conference The Value of Commissioning Study: NCCx Results The Value of Commissioning: Building Data Surveys Top 10 Commissioning Lessons Learned Tech Talk 42 Trouble with Chiller Start-Ups: Tales from the Field Tech Talk 09 Unique Challenges To Commissioning K-12 Schools Tech Talk 03 VICE PRESIDENT OR DIRECTOR - COMMISSIONING | Columbia Vice President or Director - Commissioning  Manage Commissioning Department.  Responsible for department… Virtual Commissioning Tech Talk 29

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