This form is an RFP that also includes an RFQ for a specific project, intended to be sent to a list of CxP’s or as an open solicitation for firms that have not been pre-qualified. This can be a qualification based selection if the selection criteria doesn’t weight fee much.

Commissioning is viewed by many as a professional service and best obtained through a request for qualifications, selection and negotiated fee rather than through a firm RFP, however if a firm RFP is required, the owner must invest the effort in developing a clear and comprehensive request and carefully evaluate the fee proposals and approach of each proposer.

This RFP/RFQ is intended for project structure with an independent commissioning provider (CxP) who is directing all of the Cx effort and co-executing much of it with the contractor. In the case where the contractor is required to hire a “test engineer” who will be directing and executing most day-to-day commissioning tasks with oversight by the independent CxP,  the responsibilities in this document should be appropriately modified.