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Airflow Monitoring Stations (AFMS) Tech Talk 01 Airflow Reduction in a large Medical Research Building Tech Talk 06 Airport Baggage Handling Systems TechTalk 34 All About 6 Way Valves Tech Talk 23 As The Page Turns Tech Talk 40 Benefits of Thermal Imaging Tech Talk 25 Building Enclosure Testing Tech Talk 30 Building Energy Monitoring Associated Data Analytics Tech Talk 22 Building Pressurization Sequence of Operations Tech Talk 10 Commissioning Boiler Systems Tech Talk 13 Commissioning Cross Flow Heat Exchangers Tech Talk 16 Commissioning Fan Arrays and Direct Drive Fan Applications Tech Talk 20 Commissioning Fire Suppression Systems on Horizontal Structures Tech Talk 12 Commissioning Pressure Critical Rooms Tech Talk 28  Commissioning Terminal Units – Stop Testing Them Wrong TechTalk 37 Commissioning VRF Systems Tech Talk 24 Data Analytics in Energy Management and HVAC Tech Talk 21 Distributed Antenna Systems TechTalk 35 Engaging the Cx Team – Collaborative Methods Tech Talk 15 Engineering Wellness: Pandemic and Beyond TechTalk 33 Experiences with the Commissioning of an AHU/Dx Heat Pump Coil Kit TechTalk 36 Fire Life Safety System Cx: Fire Smoke Dampers, FA Relays and HVAC Tie I TechTalk 32 Functional Testing Chilled Beams and Sails Honeywell JADE Economizer Controller Tech Talk 05 Indoor Environmental Quality for the CxP Tech Talk 17 Indoor Environmental Quality for the CxP Indoor Environmental Quality for the CxP Tech Talk 19 Inspecting and Commissioning Commercial-Scale Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Tech Talk 08 Intermediate Topics in Direct Digital Controls, what every Commissioning Provider should know… Tech Talk 18 Life Safety Dampers – Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things Tech Talk 04 Life Safety, Life Maybe Tech Talk 14 Modular Chiller Strategies Tech Talks 44 Monitoring Based Commissioning TechTalk 31 Ongoing Commissioning Tech Talk 26 Parkade Exhaust Systems. CO_NO2 – The Silent Killers Tech Talk 07 Pressure Independent Valves Tech Talk 11 Scope EBCx Using Whole Building Interval Data Tech Talk 27 Smart Buildings and the importance of Division 25 and commissioning Tech Talk 38 So, you were asked for Envelope BECx in a line item. Now what? Tech Talk 43 TAB and Cx Coordination Tech Talk 02 Testing HVAC Safeties TechTalk 39 Top 10 Commissioning Lessons Learned Tech Talk 42 Trouble with Chiller Start-Ups: Tales from the Field Tech Talk 09 Unique Challenges To Commissioning K-12 Schools Tech Talk 03 Virtual Commissioning Tech Talk 29

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