Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP - New York, NY


The Director of Field Services (DOFS) will oversee the support of HEA’s Engineering Staff as it relates to field activities in Region 10 (R10). This will also include field related activities such as writing field reports, developing test procedures, proper use of testing equipment and training of field personnel.

Essential Functions:

The position will have a direct positive impact on training and execution at all levels, with a focus on operations and owner / client interaction. The position will report to the Regional Director of R10. Engineering Managers (EMs) will have a dotted line responsibility to the DOFS.

·       Visit job sites with field personnel to provide technical assistance and general field support

·       Develop and maintain written procedures for using test equipment

·       Coordinate training for field personnel on the use of test equipment

·       Oversee mentoring of field personnel and assign mentors to new hires

·       Work with staff to improve relationship building skills. This will focus on developing better relationships with contractors, construction managers, owner’s reps and owners/customers

·       Attend weekly team meetings to provide support and identify training opportunities

·       Coordinate support with Engineering Management team

·       Provide feedback to EMs on FE and PE capabilities

·       Work with FEs and PEs to develop sound procedures for commissioning activities, including installation checks, pre-functional & functional testing

·       Review reports for style, accuracy and effective communications

·       Develop and oversee technical / non-technical training programs related to Commissioning and Construction activities


Other responsibilities as determined by the Regional Director and Senior Partner.

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