Check out the new updates to Module 1 to reflect changes to the BCxA's Best Practices

This program offers a fundament look at the new and existing building commissioning process and a technical foundation in building systems and assemblies, preparing you to work directly with other providers, owners, and design and construction teams on commercial buildings. This online curriculum, which you can complete within one year at your own pace, covers:

  • The fundamental concepts of building science
  • The process of commissioning for new and existing buildings
  • How building systems and assemblies work
  • How to identify problems and analyze proper building performance

After completing all the online modules, you receive a Certificate of Completion from BCxA University, recognizing the knowledge you have attained.

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Commissioning Certificate vs. CCP Certification: What’s the Difference?

The Commissioning Certificate Program documents that an individual has taken the necessary coursework to understand the commissioning process and building systems, in addition to gaining the skills and field knowledge needed to be a commissioning provider. The Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) is a credential requiring that you not only pass a test to prove your knowledge but also have years of commissioning project experience.