Spring Webinar Series

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Commissioning Humidifiers

March 18, 2024
10:00 AM

Speaker: Harry Koons, Director of Commissioning Services – Precis Commissioning, Inc.

Humidification is key to most HVAC systems serving hospitals, laboratories, schools, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical facilities. These systems need to be designed, installed, started, and commissioned to ensure that they provide the required moisture, are under control, have the required safeties, and will perform over the life of the HVAC system. Unfortunately, every year, we see issues with humidifiers not performing as required, humidifiers that are mid-sized, incorrectly installed, missing the required controls, and, most importantly, missing the required safeties to ensure the system can operate without causing issues in the ductwork or at the space level. This is for new, renovation, and retrofit projects. This course will give the attendee a basic understanding of humidifier selection, installation, operation, essential items to look for, possible issues, and solutions to those issues.


Building Codes and Commissioning

April 14, 2024
10:00 AM PDT

Speaker: Jerry Kettler, Partner - Facility Performance Associates

Commissioning is now a requirement in multiple ICC Building Codes, along with many guidelines and standards from various organizations. This webinar will explain how, why, and when these documents mandate commissioning in our buildings and how it is being enforced.


Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems

May 20, 2024
10:00 AM PDT

Speaker: Steve Taylor, PE, Principal at Taylor Engineers

Standard building HVAC practice includes custom control sequences of operations (SOO). The SOO is often dumbed down to “keep it simple” to the point that the SOO is not compliant with codes and standards such as Standard 90.1/Title 24 (energy codes) and Standard 62.1/Title 24 (ventilation codes). ASHRAE Guideline 36-2021, High-Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems, is created to address these issues. It includes best-in-class control SOO optimized to minimize energy use, maximize comfort, and improve indoor air quality. It is intended to be preprogrammed and pre-debugged by control system manufacturers. ASHRAE Guideline 36 has the potential to have a more significant impact on building energy use than any other ASHRAE standard or guideline.


Commissioning Built-Up Air Handlers

June 17, 2024
10:00 AM PDT

Speakers: Harry Koons, Director of Commissioning Services – Precis Commissioning, Inc.

For larger projects, the choice of air handler has been built-up units. Built-up units are specifically manufactured and assembled to provide the required performance using the site utilities, new or existing. Each unit will have components and sections specific to the project requirements. These units will require automation that allows for control, alarming, and trending. The commissioning of these units will require a very “hands-on” approach and a detailed understanding of the controls, hardware, and software. The commissioning provider can take a leading role in ensuring the equipment and controls are installed and will perform per the owner’s requirements and the final approved submittals.


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