Fall Webinar Series

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September 25, 2023- Electrical System Commissioning

Speaker: Harry Koons
Director of Commissioning Services – Precis Commissioning, Inc.

The commissioning provider is expected to confirm that the building’s electrical systems are installed per design requirements and are operational in accordance with the design documents, approved submittals, and vendors IO&M data.  This commissioning can include normal power, emergency power, UPS, Lighting and On-site generation.  

This course will instruct the commissioning provider on their role in the design, installation, energization, acceptance and functional testing of electrical systems.  It will outline the steps in the commissioning process, from contract award to commissioning turnover.  It will provide for general installation checks and functional tests.  The course will help to identify possible issues and resolutions to issues during each step of commissioning.



October 23, 2023- Decarbonization in the Built Environment

Speaker: Jeffrey Rios 
Partner - AKF

In this webinar we will review how Buildings impact climate change, providing an understanding of operational and embodied carbon.  In this one-hour overview, we will explore the contributions buildings have, explore technical solutions to minimize carbon impact, and talk through different approaches for new and existing buildings. 



November 13, 2023 - Commissioning Net Zero Energy Schools

Speaker: Ajit V Naik
Vice President - Baumann Consulting

This webinar addresses the role of commissioning in net zero energy (NZE) school projects. The presentation will provide context and trends driving NZE school design and construction nationally and anecdotes from the presenting firm’s midwestern and mid-Atlantic home markets. The presenters will review sustainability certifications including net zero energy performance requirements, and how they incorporate building commissioning. Several completed and under-construction case studies will provide attendees with real-world examples from the commissioning process at educational facilities targeting or having achieved NZE performance. Attendees will learn about mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems commonly encountered in NZE school design and lessons learned during functional performance testing. The presentation will also discuss the role of airtightness in NZE school design concepts and important enclosure testing to specify and verify during the envelope commissioning process to achieve building airtightness targets. The presenters will finally address the commissioning provider’s role and strategies for success in achieving and verifying net zero energy performance during the post-occupancy performance verification period.



December 11, 2023 - The Art and Science of Building Enclosure Design Reviews

Speakers: Kelly Rice, Project Manager - Intertek &
Joyce Kelly, Commissioning Project Manager - GLHN Architects & Engineers

Third-party design reviews set the stage for achieving high-performing building enclosures. Creating relationships, and effective communication are half of the formula to meet the Owner’s Project Requirements. This leads the way to facilitate solutions as plans and specifications are analyzed scientifically per reference standards, and engineering principles. Ultimately, the building enclosure system is the product of teamwork between the Owners, Designers, Contractors, and Commissioning Providers.


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