Full-Day Workshop

October 15, 2018 | 8:00 – 5:00 pm

Assessing and Optimizing Central Chilled Water Plant Load and kW per Ton Profiles

Presenter: David Sellers, PE, Facility Dynamics Engineering

If you missed David Sellers’ sold-out workshop last year – and even if you didn’t – here’s your chance to join this year’s hands-on event focusing on the techniques and steps in the process you would go through to perform chilled water plant analysis. You will participate in a mentored working group and, in addition to getting hands-on with spreadsheets and equipment data, you will get a plant tour of a working chilled water plant – a really big working chilled water plant. The experience will provide you with an opportunity to learn about how the machinery in a large central plant works and what it looks like, plus learning about load profiles, turn down ratios, and kW per ton profiles. You will be more confident about your central chilled water plant knowledge. In addition, you will likely find that you have some insight into the other types of central plants you will encounter as you work with building systems. After all, with building systems, F = ma (Newton’s second law of motion), no matter if it is the principle behind a chiller, a boiler, a pump, or a cooling tower.

By attending this workshop you will receive 7 learning units.

Member Registration – $400 (Early Bird) | Registration – $475 (After September 27, 2018)
Non-Member Registration – $550 (Early Bird) | Registration – $625 (After September 27, 2018)