Leveraging TAB & BAS for a Successful Cx Project

  • Jim Feeney, PE – Grumman/Butkus Associates

The Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) contractor and the Building Automation Systems (BAS) contractor can be great allies to the Cx process. With their cooperation, a project can achieve greater success in meeting the schedule and budget and improving the turnover to the owner, while making your job as the Cx provider easier. The speaker explores how to improve project specification requirements for the TAB and BAS contractors to participate and work with the commissioning team. He shares proven methods for better coordination and cooperation during construction among the MEP/FP trades and explains why TAB and BAS contractors are key players in accomplishing project goals. The presentation includes real examples of the role commissioning plays in facilitating BAS and TAB coordination, such as the controls integration meeting, sequence of operations reviews, BAS graphics review, BAS integration into other systems and equipment, pre-TAB planning and identification of setpoints required to be determined by the TAB contractor for input into the BAS, and more. The speaker shares examples of participation by both the BAS and TAB contractors during functional performance testing (often required for verification of critical sensors and devices). On many projects, the closeout documentation can be improved by including the requirements for ASHRAE Guideline 1.4 “Systems Manual.” For these projects, information from the BAS and TAB contractors can be improved and incorporated into the commissioning process using an electronic Cx platform; the speaker shows how Cx can facilitate getting the BAS sequence of operations embedded into BAS graphics as well as the commissioning-provided facility guide.